Visitor’s Guide To Traveling Between Ireland and Scotland (Part 1: By Air)

Ireland is the third biggest island in the European continent. It’s long been known as one of the best places for tourists to visit because of its rich culture and one of a kind landscaping and scenery. But did you know that you can enjoy luxury tours in Ireland and then easily make your way to Scotland to receive chauffeur tours there? There are two main ways to navigate between Northern Ireland and Scotland: by air and by sea. Here’s the first part of our guide that will explore how to navigate between Ireland and Scotland using airports and air connections.

First, if you’re traveling between Northern Ireland and Scotland by air, be aware that the Northern Ireland region is relatively small. It has just two cities with airports that are open to commercial traffic: Belfast and Derry. Derry connects to Glasgow Prestwick. Belfast, on the other hand, has two airports: Belfast International and Belfast City. Both these airports connect to Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow Prestwick, and Glasgow.

If you choose to fly between these two countries, you’ll be happy to know that your commute will be much faster than if you were to travel by sea ferry.

“In terms of actual travel time, flying is quicker, but mere flight or sea time is not the entire picture. Flight time does not include appearing at the airport early, passing security and then reclaiming baggage (if any) after arrival…For many travelers, airports like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness are better located than the Irish sea ports of Scotland, making all the difference in choosing between the two options,” writes Edwin Thomas on USA Today.

That being said, overall travel times will usually be shorter with flights. Of course, if you prefer the scenic route, there are some drawbacks to flying between these two historic destinations.

Finally, you should also know that though traveling by air is typically faster, it may not be quite as comfortable as some of the benefits and luxuries of sea ferries. Despite what some people think, air travel is often far more cramped and uncomfortable than ferry rides. And due to its high demand, flying may also be pricier than sea ferry options. But when it comes down to it, it’s a great alternative for those who truly want to make the most of their time.

Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss some more details about traveling by sea ferry between Northern Ireland and Scotland, and for more information about luxury tours in Ireland, contact Hammond Tours.