Visiting Ireland This Spring? Check Out These Top Locales

As of 2011, there were 4,588,252 people living in Ireland. And while there are countless attractions to enjoy in the country at any time of year, planning your visit for the spring season opens up the doors to some truly exquisite sights and scenery. With that in mind, here are just a few top locales to see when planning your luxury tour of the Emerald Isle.

Public Parks

It may seem surprising, but it’s true: Ireland’s wide variety of public parks serve as just a small example of the country’s lush greenery as a whole. That being said, they’re always open for visitors, and they provide excellent backdrops for photos of all kinds. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider adding one or more stops at Irish public parks to get an authentic outdoor experience at the Emerald Isle.

Hiking Trails

Similarly, hiking trails provide excellent scenery and sources of exercise during your excursion. They surround the more mountainous terrain of Ireland — don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide to make recommendations.

“Ireland is a walker’s paradise and no matter where you are, there’s a hill with your name on it, scattered with bursts of color from happy purple periwinkles, golden coltsfoot and delicate wild garlic. Make your way from Donegal to Antrim and hike the tail end of the mighty Appalachian Way that starts across the Atlantic in the US state of Georgia; or relish the superb seascapes of the Causeway Coast Way. For a dose of history to keep your mind occupied as you trek, the Glendalough Lake Walk can’t be beaten.” says

Luxury Tours

Finally, luxury tours of all kinds can provide different types of insight into the historical background of Ireland. Luxury tours offer inside looks at some of the most ancient and renowned structures in the country, including famous castles. You’ll gain even more insight from your knowledgeable tour guide, so schedule your trip today.

Ultimately, understanding the best places to visit in the Emerald Isle can help you plan the best and most memorable trip possible. For more information about planning a luxury tour in Ireland, contact Hammond Tours.