Visiting Ireland? Don’t Make These Common First Timers’ Mistakes (Part 1)

As of 2011, there were 4,588,252 people living in Ireland, but for the Emerald Isle makes a beautiful destination for eager travelers at any time of the year. Of course, as is the case when traveling anywhere abroad, lack of planning can cause for some difficulties and inconveniences, impeding on the time you have to sightsee and enjoy all that the country has to offer. With that in mind, here’s part one of our two part guide that will explore some of the biggest first time traveler’s mistakes.

Not Understanding Gratuity

Tipping customs are much different in Ireland than they are in America. But the fact is, in most standard and traditional Irish restaurants, gratuities are automatically added to the bill. While you’re usually welcome to tip extra on top of the added gratuity, it isn’t required, nor expected.

“It pays to find out if gratuities are added to the bill automatically. In most Irish restaurants, that’s standard practice. If you want to leave an additional gratuity for exceptional service, it will be accepted. But don’t make a habit of leaving a 10% to 20% gratuity if it’s already included in the menu price,” writes Mark Kahler on TripSavvy.

Not Determining Transportation

Ireland is known for both its wondrous landscapes and breathtaking castles. That being said, if you’re planning on enjoying any Irish castle tours, it’s probably best to get your tickets ahead of time, especially if you’re traveling during peak traveling season, which is between early spring and late summer. Aside from tours, there’s also the issue of getting from place to place, so if you’re considering renting a car, make sure you’re financially and mentally up to the challenge. The narrow roads and left-sided driving often throw off those who may not be used to the traditions.

Traveling to a new country may be exciting, but it isn’t always easy. Keeping these tips in mind is the key to making the most of your trip. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss some more important mistakes to avoid when traveling to the Emerald Isle. For more information about Irish castle tours, contact Hammond Tours.