luxury tour in irelandIreland is 32,595 square miles and has over 3,000 miles of coastline. While the Emerald Isle features countless scenic and historical attractions, it’s also chock-full of authentic delicacies that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of any traveler. Here are just a few authentic and popular foods to try during your trip to Ireland.

Irish Stew

As its name implies, this authentic dish is full of some of the staple foods of Ireland. It’s traditionally made with mutton, which is stewed slowly for several hours and tenderized with potatoes, onions, and more. Of course, the dish is usually prepared differently these days to accommodate for more modern tastes.

“To avoid the stew being watery, some recipes incorporate pearly barley, a knob of roux, or sliced potatoes in the bottom of the pot, while others reduce down the cooking liquor at the end. These days, you’re more likely to find Irish stew made with lamb (since the more flavorful mutton is so hard to come by), with herbs (thyme, parsley, bay leaves) and stock added for depth of flavor,” writes Catherine Balston on BBC Good Food.


If you’re visiting Ireland in September or early fall, you’re just in time to feast on the native oysters on the West coast. Shellfish is prepared in all sorts of creative ways in different areas of the island, and if you really want to get a taste of them all, consider attending the Galway Oyster Festival in September. From cockles and mussels to clams and prawns, Ireland is sure to be absolute paradise for any fan of shellfish.


Finally, you’ve probably heard of Irish soda bread, but boxty is another unique type bread made from potatoes. Interestingly, the recipe incorporates grated raw potato with mashed potato. From there, it’s usually mixed with flour and boiled. Then it can be fried in butter to make dumplings, baked in a bread loaf, or cooked on the stove like pancakes. But despite its cooking method, the finished product is extremely versatile and makes a perfect addition to almost any other Irish staple.

So, after enjoying your luxury tour in Ireland, make sure to leave time for some fine dining with these cultural delicacies. For more information about reserving your own luxury tour in Ireland, contact Hammond Tours.