Visiting the Emerald Isle? Try These Popular Drinks at an Irish Pub

As of 2011, there were 4,588,252 people living in Ireland, and anybody who’s traveled there or is familiar with the culture can say that there’s basically a pub on every corner. We’re all familiar with some staples of Irish cuisine, like soda bread and Irish stew. But at night, why not treat yourself to an authentic and traditional Irish drink? Here are just a few delectable drinks options you’ll be faced with during your upcoming trip to the Emerald Isle.


Obviously, whiskey gets the first spot on our list. It’s actually derived from the Irish uisce beatha which fittingly means ‘water of life.’ Even more surprising is the fact that it used to be used only for medical reasons. Today, however, you’ll find it all over Ireland in many varieties. The most popular brands you’ll find in any given pub are Tullamore Dew, Old Bushmills, Power’s, Paddy’s, and of course, Jameson’s, which is considered to be Dublin’s favorite. Keep in mind that single malt pure produce varieties of whiskey are known for being more expensive than other types.


If you’re a fan of darker beers, you’re sure to love Guinness. And luckily, you’ll find it on tap at nearly every Irish pub. Like whiskey, it used to be used medically — it was given to new mothers at hospitals — and since then, it’s evolved into one of the most quintessential beers in the Isle. And don’t be deceived — just because you’ve had Guinness in the states doesn’t mean you know its true, authentic, fresh taste. Take it from TripSavvy:

“Some consider it an acquired taste but Irish citizens will tell you that the beer is an entirely different drink outside of the Emerald Isle because it “doesn’t travel well.” Having said that, the Guinness Storehouse is Dublin’s top tourist attraction and a great place to have a look over the city from the Gravity Bar,” writes Bernd Biege.

These are just a few of the many varieties of alcohol you’ll find during your Emerald Isle excursion. There are also unique options like mead, cream liquor, cider, wine and more. Make sure to explore all of your tour options so that you can visit as many pubs and try all of these authentic Irish drinks! For more information about vacation packages and other luxury custom tour options, contact Hammond Tours.