tour in irelandDublin, Ireland is one of the country’s most famous and historical cities. It’s also Ireland’s largest city, with 495,781 residents. If you’re taking a tour in Ireland and stop in the historical city of Dublin, there are countless things to do and explore. Here are just a few of Dublin, Ireland’s most famous attractions.

Grafton Street

Grafton Street is considered to be one of Dublin’s most popular shopping locations. It’s constantly buzzing with not only shoppers, but street artists, and other cultural experiences. You can make a full day of exploring the countless small shops and crafty boutiques that make the area the one of a kind shopping paradise that it is. Collect all your souvenirs, and then you can enjoy a nice meal at your choice of gourmet restaurants.

The Little Museum of Dublin

What’s a trip to the Emerald Isle without a little history lesson? That’s what this museum provides — quite literally. The Little Museum of Dublin is just a few minutes away from Fusilier’s Arch, and even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll enjoy being immersed in the experiences of how people of Dublin live their everyday lives. The museum opened in 2011, and now, it’s home to countless art and history-related artifacts.

“The museum has gone from strength to strength and now hosts an array of temporary exhibitions and events as well as permanent installations, including a U2 retrospective with exhibits donated by band members. Other treats include the lectern used by John F. Kennedy when he addressed both houses of the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) in June 1963,” writes Andrew Birbeck on PlanetWare.

Christ Church Cathedral

Finally, it should come as no surprise that Catholicism remains the dominant religion in Ireland at 84%. With that in mind, you can experience some truly incredible architecture inside some of Ireland’s most historic churches, like this one. It was restored in the 19th century and built on the same site as Dublin’s first ever church.

While these attractions are all appealing and full of culture, taking a chauffeur tour in Ireland can provide some of the most memorable sights and architecture you’ve ever seen. Don’t book your vacation packages without making sure you can see at least one tour in Ireland. We at Hammond Tours are here to help make your trip as memorable as possible, so contact us today to hear how we can help!