Traveler’s Guide To Ireland’s Most Incredible Castles (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed some of the most famous and historically significant castles you can see on various Irish luxury tours. However, at its widest the island is about 174 mi (280 km). At its longest (north-south) it is 302 mi (486 km), and there are many more castles worth considering during your Irish luxury tours. Here’s part two of our traveler’s guide to Ireland’s most incredible castles.

Parkes Castle
In Country Leitrim, you’ll encounter a beautiful castle called Parkes Castle that was constructed during the early 17th century. However, the castle was restored through various renovation processes, many using Irish oak and maintaining authentic craftsmanship. Now, the castle serves as both a tourist attraction and a lodging option for travelers. Unlike other castles, Parkes Castle’s ground floor is also accessible for those with disabilities. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth exploring during your adventures on the Emerald Isle.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle was built during the early 13th century on the site of a Viking settlement. It has a rich history involving the English and British administrations in Ireland, and in 1922, it was handed to the new Irish government. It now continues to serve as a major government complex and popular attraction for tourists.

“The castle has a checkered past; it was originally built as a defensive fortress during Dublin’s Norman rule, but later came to function as a royal residence. Today the castle is home to both a museum and the Chester Beatty Library,” writes Heritage Daily.

Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle was built in the 15th century, but some of its older elements range all the way back to the 13th century. As one of the most famous castles you can see in Ireland, Blarney Castle is known for its role as the home of the Blarney Stone, the “giver of eloquence in exchange for a kiss.” Furthermore, Blarney Castle is also known for being among the most visually appealing castles in all of Ireland.

Ultimately, this guide should help to give you an idea of which castles you’re most interested in touring during your Irish adventures. Don’t forget to take pictures!