Top Reasons to Visit Waterford, Ireland

Ireland has so much opportunity for adventure, culture, and unforgettable memories that choosing exactly where to go can be hard. Every possible destination is bursting with spectacular views, stories, art, and food to fill each day of your vacation. The historic city of Waterford is no exception. Ireland’s oldest city offers sunny coastal towns, centuries worth of history and culture, and much, much more. If you’re looking for your next dream destination, keep these top reasons to visit Waterford, Ireland in mind.

The Viking Triangle

Raiding Vikings first settled in Waterford over 1,100 years ago. A lot of history is packed into the entire area, but one of the most prominent areas is the Viking Triangle at the heart of the city. Named after the 1,000-year-old walls that once surrounded it, the Viking Triangle is home to the Waterford Museum of Treasures—the collective title for the Viking Museum, the Bishop’s Palace Museum, and the Medieval Museum. The Viking Museum is also located within Ireland’s oldest civic building, Reginald’s Tower.

The Copper Coast

This stretch of Ireland’s southern coast gets its name from the copper mines that filled the area in the 19th century. Today, visitors come to the area in search of its stunning coastal views. From dramatic cliffs to hidden coves, the scenery here will take your breath away. It’s the perfect place for a scenic drive or bike ride. There are also plenty of beaches and charming local businesses to stop at along the way.

Waterford Greenway

What was once an old railway line is now a picture-perfect trail for visitors to take a scenic walk or bike ride. This 46-kilometer stretch features some of Ireland’s best views of rolling hills and mountains. In addition to getting lost in the landscapes, you can make some stops along the way at local cafés or breweries. At Kilmeaden Station, you can hop on the still-running Waterford and Suir Valley Railway carriage. Be sure to stop by around Halloween or Christmas for a holiday-themed ride.

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