The BEST Castles to Visit in the UK

Incredible Castle Tours in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland

First time traveler to Europe? You need to do some castle tours. Tenth time traveling to Europe? You are probably addicted to the incredible castle tours and wouldn’t miss them for anything. The number of castles in Europe is a bit staggering. Medieval Irish castles alone number over 30,000! Some of these castles are large and in great condition, others are small and simply ruins to explore. Either way, having Irish castle tours is one of the most incredible experiences available while traveling in Europe.

With so many castles to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to visit. Because unless you plan on spending 100 years touring castles, it might be a bit hard to visit all 30,000+ that are around! Here is a list of some of the most popular castles to visit while traveling in the United Kingdom.


Castles You Can Not Miss

Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire: This castle has strong royal links. Catherine Parr, who was married to both Henry VIII and Thomas Seymour, is buried at this castle. This is one of the most spectacular castles to visit with a rich history and it is in great condition. Additionally, there are guest cottages available to stay in for a unique “hotel” for the evening.

Dunluce, Co Antrim: This is a spectacular castle ruin that was built by the McQuillan clan in the 1500s. As part of the warring chieftains and warring clans, this became a pivotal castle for defending during the times of turmoil. There are even rumors of a banshee that haunts the castle and caused the kitchen to fall into the sea.

The Warwick Castle: This castle is nearly 1000 years old and is incredibly fun to visit. Hosting trebuchet firing cannon balls (no longer operational of course), this was a wartime castle. Hosting incredible dungeons and a great historical backdrop, this castle is a must see.

Beaumaris Castle: This is one of the most stunning views of any castle you will see. Edward I put this castle on the Isle of Anglesey with beautiful water views and hills in the mainland. It is a perfect example of a concentric castle and has a rich historical heritage.

Windsor Castle: Windsor castle is one of the best preserved castles that were built by William the Conqueror as part of his ring of fortresses. The Tower of London has never been besieged and is in mint condition. This tower has a fascinating history, and became infamous for the executions that were hosted here during the Tudor era.

Skipton Castle, North Yorkshire:

This has been the home of the Clifford family since 1310. Skipton castle is at the southern end of Dales and is one of the most survivable castles around. This castle survived the raiding Scots and a three year Civil War siege. Castle tours are available and shouldn’t be missed due to the incredible history and preservation of this castle.

Astley Castle in Warwickshire: This castle was owned by three different queens. Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York, and Lady Jane Grey were all hosts and owners of this majestic castle. One of the most incredible things about this castle is that it survived being set ablaze in the 13th century.

Dover Castle, Kent: If you want to see a Roman lighthouse, Dover castle sports one of the best. In addition to having ties to the Roman lighthouse, during WWII, Winston Churchill used this castle to survey the channel. Sporting siege tunnels and the Normal keep, this is an incredible, must-see castle. Because there is so much to see and experiences at Dover castle, you may want to consider spending a couple of days here!

Ludlow Castle This is a castle of treachery! The history of Ludlow is home to the Mortimers, who were involved in famous coos and were later murdered in the Tower. Could there be a ghost of one of the late Mortimers present? Perhaps. Come and see.


When it gets right down to it, there are too many incredible castles to list all of them here. Contact us for luxury custom castle tours for your European adventure. It will be an experience to remember.