These Sweet Scottish Treats Are Just as Delicious as They Are Popular

Scotland is a country full of adventure and authenticity. But anyone who’s ever visited will also tell you that you’ll have countless sweet and delicious treats to choose from. Make sure you’re prepared for your trip by crafting your list of must-try treats. Here are just a few of Scotland’s most popular and deliciously delectable desserts.




If you think you’ve had a taste of shortbread based on those cheap, processed cookies you buy at the grocery store, think again — authentic Scottish shortbread is lightyears ahead of its processed, Americanized counterpart. You’ll have to visit Scotland to experience the buttery, flaky consistency of an authentic Scottish shortbread:


“Probably one of the most famous foodstuffs from Scotland – possibly only slightly less well known than haggis – shortbread is a favorite around the world and rightly so. The ubiquitous tartan tins of buttery biscuits make the perfect gift and are a favorite for any occasion – though traditionally they were associated with Christmas, Hogmanay and weddings. The first printed recipe for shortbread originated in 1736, though traditionally it dates back to medieval times and was a favorite of Mary Queen of Scots,” writes Sean Murphy on Scotsman Food and Drink.




Cranachan is a Scottish treat that’s also gained popularity in Ireland, the third biggest island in the European continent. The dish essentially consists of a tart medley of raspberries with whipped cream or crowdie cheese. It’s then sprinkled with toasted oats and drizzled with some sweet, syrupy honey. The dish is served in a glass and often paired with whiskey. Yum!


Black Bun


The look of this dish is about as appealing as its name sounds — but you’ll have to trust us with this one. A black bun is a popular type of fruit cake that resembles a loaf. Its traditional ingredients include currants, raisins, black treacle (a dark variety of molasses) and other traditional spices. Those who have tasted this dish generally agree that it provides an extremely authentic taste of Scottish spices and treats.


So, there you have it — some of the most delicious and popular Scottish desserts. If the sounds of these treats are making you hungry, take a look at the countless Scotland vacation packages that are available and reserve your own castle tour in Scotland. For more information about reserving your very own castle tour in Scotland, contact Hammond Tours.