Souvenir Hunting in Ireland? Here’s What You Need to Buy

As of 2011, there were 4,588,252 people living in Ireland, but the country receives countless tourists each year as well. If you’re planning to be one of them, don’t just return home with a boring old keychain. Ireland is full of unique souvenirs that just aren’t quite the same anywhere else. Here are just a few of the best souvenirs you’ll find in the Emerald Isle.

You may think that you get find a delectable chocolate bar anywhere, but nothing in the world is quite like the chocolate you can only find in Ireland. The secret? Ireland’s intensely creamy milk. Of course, most of Ireland’s best chocolate is milk chocolate for this exact reason. Knowing this, make sure to pick up a Cadbury chocolate product for ultimate freshness. Or, for something a bit more rich, try Butlers chocolate. You’ll be able to tell the difference in quality after just the first bite!

If you’re a fan of darker liquors, why not bring back a bottle of Ireland’s finest? There are countless varieties available, and many distillers will even let you sample products before buying them. However, make sure to do a bit of research regarding pricing beforehand, as the tax rates may be cause for confusion.

“​Irish whiskey as a souvenir is a great idea as long as you know your stuff and your prices. Because due to high taxes, the good stuff is often more expensive in Ireland than in other countries. So don’t go for the bargain, go for those ‘specials’ that are only sold here,” writes Bernd Biege on tripsavvy.

Finally, if you’re trying to bring back a souvenir that you won’t eventually eat or drink away, consider investing in some of the highest quality Irish ceramics available. The country is renowned for its huge range of pottery, so check out some of the small pottery stores during your various tours in Ireland. From platters, mugs, and bowls to plates, wall plaques, and other decor, you’re certain to find a piece that reflects your personal style.

Ultimately, you’re bound to find souvenirs you love during your visit, but knowing about these Irish classics may help to make your purchasing decisions just a bit easier. For more information about chauffeur tours in Ireland, contact Hammond Tours.