How to Select the Best Luxury Irish Tour For You

If you have ever dreamed of traveling to Ireland, but have always felt held back—overwhelmed at the thought of creating your own itinerary— a luxury tour of the country could be your answer.

A tour of the country will ensure that you’ll never get lost. You’ll never sit in your hotel feeling either bored or alone. You will leave your vacation feeling enlightened and knowledgeable about all the culture abundant in Ireland.

With so much to do and see, it can all be overwhelming if it’s your first time traveling overseas. However, you want to make sure you pick the right tour, depending on what you wish to do and see. To learn more about Celtic tours, the other top tours of Ireland, and how to go about selecting the proper one for your preferences, continue reading.

If you admire architecture

An Irish castle tour will be the optimum experience for you. See some of the oldest ruins in the world, or stand at the foot of some of the most gorgeous castles you may ever witness. Not only will you get the chance to admire these ancient and marvelous feats of architecture, but you will also learn the histories behind them while on your guided tour.

If you admire music

Celtic tours may be the best choice for you if you admire Celtic music. A Celtic band tour gives the tourist the ability to listen to some of their favorite bands. It’s truly a marvelous experience if you wish to do more than just sightsee while on vacation. Celtic tours provide a unique experience and best of all, you can meet with the artists.

If you love food

There’s no limit to what kind of food you can try while visiting Ireland. All inclusive Ireland tours will allow hit and explore all the hot spots. Going on an all inclusive tour of the country will allow you to experience some of the most famous Irish pubs, restaurants, ruins and more. The locals will give you tips on what to do and eat. Try a traditional bowl of Irish stew or a slice of soda bread.


Do not let the fear of traveling alone keep you from exploring one of the most culturally enriching places in the world. Whether you’re taking photographs of the thousand year old ruins, or sipping a cold beer at one of the old and traditional Irish pubs, you are sure to walk away with memories that will last a lifetime.

However, if planning an action packed vacation sounds intimidating, you can always book either a select Celtic tour or luxury castle tour depending on your preferences.