small group tours of irelandGoing on vacation to Ireland is unlike any trip you’ve ever experienced. This outstanding opportunity will show you gorgeous sights of Irish castles, cultural hubs, and delicious foods. It’s truly a unique experience.

But like all vacations, it requires packing, preparation, and organization. Because of Ireland’s unique climate, you might want to take these tips into account when you’re getting ready for your all inclusive Ireland tours.

A rain jacket

A raincoat or rain jacket is a year-round staple for your luxury Ireland tours. Whether you’re visiting in summer or winter, your typical Irish day will feature bouts of hot sun, numerous rain showers, and a sunset you simply can’t beat. In order to handle inclement weather, packing a rain jacket is essential on your Celtic band tour.

This works much better than lugging around an umbrella you’re likely to lose. Save the room in your suitcase for more important things and tie your jacket around your waist! Even if you don’t look the most fashionable, your small group tours of Ireland are more about the experience than how you look.

A power adapter

Irish outlets won’t accommodate the plugs on your electronic devices. Ensure you’re able to take countless photos on your small group tours of Ireland by packing a power adapter or two. Luckily, they’re pretty cheap to buy online or at your local Irish grocer.

Sturdy hiking shoes

Ireland’s rocky landscape is notorious for sprained ankles and foot cramps. Avoid damaging your legs on Ireland’s 3,000 miles of coastline and ensure you’re able to travel just about anywhere with a comfortable pair of hiking boots. Just make sure they’re water resistant to traverse the numerous lakes and rivers and, of course, the rain.


The best way to get to Ireland is by plane, and some people tend to get a little queasy. Before you go on your flight, be sure to bring medicine that combats motion sickness and nausea for a stress-free trip to your luxury custom tour of Ireland.

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