What to Pack For an Ireland Luxury Tour
So you’ve just made one of the best decisions ever: to travel to Ireland. Be it for vacation, honeymoon, or for the ever enthralling Celtic band tours, Ireland is sure to surpass your expectations and offer an unforgettable experience that words cannot even begin to describe.

You may be wondering what you should pack for Celtic tours? Fortunately, this article will shed light on some essential items you should carry for your Ireland tour to make your tour of the enchanting island complete and momentous.

Essential Items to Carry For Your Ireland Tours

Packing for Ireland is no difficult task, but there are a few vital items you should always carry with you to have a more enjoyable experience. This list will include some essentials and some items to add your tour in Ireland to make it every bit memorable. Here’s how to pack for Celtic tours.

Pack for Unpredictable Weather

Weather conditions in Ireland are as capricious as can be. From torrents of rain to scorching sunshine. When it comes to packing for the weather, here’s what you should never forget. Carry at least one huge warm and fuzzy jacket, preferably with a hood, a scarf, gloves, and a rain jacket too. Every single day the skies of Ireland roars with anticipation to rain so an umbrella might also come in handy too.

What about sunny days? Sunscreen is always a good idea to have close by, and a wide-brimmed hat will do fine for the ladies, but a baseball cap is also good, a bathing suit for when you want to have a splash when the sun is out and a camera to capture your angles when in your bathing suit. But don’t forget to carry your regular clothes unless you don’t mind checking in the hotel with your bathing suit, which is also acceptable in Ireland.

Carry your Gadgets

Yes, carrying your smartphone, camera, and handheld consoles is a good idea, as long as they don’t distract you from the marvel that is Ireland. Celtic tours are incredible with devices to capture the moments and make everyone back at home jealous.

You’ll most likely need an adapter for your plugs, but worry not, these plug adapters don’t cost a thing though you may also have to get a power converter, but this device is just as cheap. When it comes to devices consider carrying a camera with extra lenses, your phone, a portable Wifi router, a GPS device, and a power bank, plus all the chargers for these gadgets and power converters if necessary.

The Toiletries

Even though you’re caught up in the excitement of your upcoming trip to Ireland don’t forget to carry your toiletries. Carry some deodorant first, your toothbrush and toothpaste, your razor, and usual grooming kit. Ireland does appreciate a bit of gruff, but please don’t let it get out of hand. Remember to pack all your toiletries and smell like flowers all through your Ireland tour.

Carry Some Cash

Strap some cash on you to buy some souvenirs and some grub to chow on during the Celtic tours. Worth noting is that you may need to carry both the British Pound and the Euro for when you cross the different parts of Ireland, so you’re not stuck for gas when you have gas money but not in the right currency.

Travel Documents

Always be strapped with the necessary travel documents. These documents include your passport, your ID, and travel insurance if you have one. You should also carry your medication and any medical information that may prove useful during your trip.

All in all, planning for an Ireland trip is a piece of cake as long as you remember to have the mentioned items in your bag. Hopefully, this article has made packing for Celtic tours a breeze, now hurry up pack your bags and leave to experience the mystical Celtic breeze.