Looking for a Unique Vacation? Consider a Castle Tour

Have you always been fascinated by old world castles and the history of kings and queens? A castle tour in Ireland or Great Britain might be the perfect getaway for you. From private guided tours and luxury tours to a more general all inclusive Ireland tour, there’s something for everyone. Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland sees over six million tourists a year, though its largest city (Dublin) has just under 500,000 residents. Great Britain and Ireland are also popular among Americans, given that many ancestors came from those two countries, and many go back to trace their ancestry and family roots. Plus, they’re both English speaking countries, so Americans often feel very much at home there. At any rate, looking into Irish castle tours along with the best tours of Ireland is a fantastic idea for a fun vacation.

Why Visit Great Britain or Ireland? 

Both countries are rife with history, beautiful architecture, and plenty of historical and cultural attractions. As mentioned above, many visitors may also have familial ties to the area and want to see where their ancestors immigrated from.

It’s also hard to beat the beautiful views and landscapes that these countries have to offer. The traditions that often go back for centuries are also attractive to visitors, as is the more urban scene in London, Dublin, and other major cities. London, in particular, provides a very cosmopolitan scene, being the hub of finance, fashion, and much more.

Of course, in Great Britain, the Royals are also a powerful draw — perhaps especially to Americans! The more religious may want to travel to the sacred sites in Ireland — Catholicism is still the predominant religion, with almost 85% of the population practicing it. And of course, it would hardly be a trip to Great Britain or Ireland if it didn’t include a stop at a pub for a pint.

What’s Included in Castle Tours? 

In even the most basic castle tour, you’ll be given a tour of the exterior and interior, as well as any grounds. Some may also offer accommodations in the actual castles, which can be especially exciting for history buffs or architecture fans. (Plus, the bragging rights of getting to stay in a real castle makes for a great story back home!)

It’s also typical that on tours that are focused on castles specifically, you’ll see a number of castles, not just one. However, if you’re touring by yourself and want to stop by a particular castle, those usually offer special single tours.

Some castle tours may also include a tour of the surrounding area and any famous landmarks or other attractions. These tours will likely employ a local guide at each stop so you have specific local knowledge at each place you go. Most tours will also allow time for you to go off and explore on your own.

How Can I Do a Castle Tour? 

There are a couple of ways to do a castle tour. If you’re taking a trip to Great Britain or Ireland yourself and simply want to see a castle or two, you might work them into your itinerary and simply take whatever tour is offered at that location.

However, if you want a more comprehensive and organized experience, there are tours that specifically focus on castles, and are more put together. They usually come in the form of a travel package, with a detailed itinerary, and layout of what will be provided and what you’ll need to pay for. This can make traveling with a group easier — and you might get a group rate — or you can join others who are already signed up for the package.

A quick online search or chat with a travel agent can help yield a number of results. And it’s worth asking any friends or family who have done similar trips if they have recommendations for where to look.

Enjoy the sights and everything this beautiful part of the world has to offer! A castle tour can provide a truly memorable experience and wonderful stories when you return home.