Ireland: 5 Reasons to Visit the Magical Island

The enchanting beauty of Ireland will send you into the whimsical world of tranquility, fun, history, and music legendary. The Island welcomes you to a more traditional way of life. The sumptuous cuisines, generous population and stunning nature scenes will only make your tour in Ireland enthralling. It’s a place you would probably want to settle once you retire.

Ireland is considered the third biggest Island (in terms of size) in the European continent. The Island is popularly known for its impulsive and wet weather. Ireland can be cold one day and hot the following day, sunny for a few hours and rainy the next. The unpredictable weather is due to its location, which is right under the convergence zone. Therefore, if you’re planning to attend Celtic band tours in Ireland, you should be dressed for any weather.

Here are reasons to visit the magical Island.

1. Discover History with Every Turn

Ireland is an ancient country where guests and tourists are spoilt of choices with immense historical sites. You thought you would only enjoy Celtic band tours? No! You can sing your way down to Bru na Boinne, which is an epic site of standing stones, burial chambers, and henges. The Neolithic site is highlighted by a plethora of passage tombs.

It usually gets extra attention during the winter season. A beam of light often pierces through a magical opening an illuminates the Newgrange chambers for a few minutes. This mysterious illumination attracts tourists who flock in to greet the new magical dawn. If you can manage to get Ireland group tours package, then it can be epic. You will have fun with your family and friends

2. Visit the Ireland Castles

An Irish castle tour is one of the most enthralling vacation packages you can get. The epic castles exude the romantic feel and nature of Ireland. Enjoy having a trip to Dunguaire, Blarney, and Cahir castles which radiate magical of heroic kings, and fairly maidens.

Blarney Castle is the most toured castles in this beautiful Island. It’s believed that when you kiss the famous stone, you will get the gift of everlasting eloquence. Hence, visitors usually give the stone a smooch.

Don’t you want to have eternal eloquence even at old age? Bet you do. The combination of Celtic band tours with Irish castle tours will give you unforgettable memories.

3. Don’t Forget the Guinness Storehouse

An Ireland vacation package cannot be complete without visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The plant brews about 3 million pints on a single day with more than 1 million visitors annually. Visit the plan and get the first-hand experience in the brewing process and have a chance to sample the final drink. Isn’t this fun? Other packages include traditional, tasty Irish meals and light hors d’oeuvres.

4. Enjoy Exciting Festivals

When the clock is ticking, and you’re now past 50 years, nightclubs might sound like a nuisance. It’s time to shift from bar crawls and raves and enjoy cool yet fun festivals. Apart from attending Celtic band tours in Ireland, you can enjoy a myriad of festivals from sailing festivals to the famous St. Patrick’s Day Festivals.

The country boasts of over 400 festivities, rich music heritage, food, comedy, food and literary.

5. Irish Cuisine Will Leave You Drooling

Are you a foodie? Then Ireland is the place to be. Foodies are falling in love with Ireland’s must-dine dishes. The Irish stew, colcannon, plump oysters, soda bread, and farmhouse cheese will leave you spellbound.

The country’s seafood is in plenty and affordable. Cooking also focuses on using locally-grown, fresh, and organic ingredients. Hence, you’re assured of healthy dishes.

Final Word

A tour to Ireland will give you nostalgia. The country is full of epic places with favorable and accommodating weather. However, the success of your trip is based on the tour company you choose. Ensure you pick a reliable and reputable company that will offer you stellar tour guide services.