Hate the Heat? Why Ireland Is the Best Summer Getaway

Hate the heat? Luckily for you, there is a perfectly ‘cool’ getaway to escape the summer weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for culture, food, or just a place to read your favorite book: Ireland’s weather will make you pack your cozy sweaters in no time (and maybe buy a few more). Here are some of the best reasons why Ireland makes the perfect summer escape.

Ireland Summer Weather

Ireland won’t make you buy a parka, but make sure you bring some rain boots. Summer temperatures meander right around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, making Ireland the pleasantly warm summer dream you’ve always wished for. Plus, its high latitude works wonders in the summer: daylight lasts an incredible 18 hours in July and August. The best tours in Ireland will spend plenty of time outdoors taking advantage of the long days.

If you like rain, this is the place for you. The bouts of rain rarely last long, but they do occur frequently — bring a rain jacket to tie around your waist or keep a small umbrella handy you won’t be afraid to bring on all the castle tours in Ireland.

Castle Tours

Ireland is a land with a rich, complex history: while you might get lost exploring the grand coastal cities — Dublin is home to nearly 500,000 people — beautiful castles dot the green landscape. Castle tours in Ireland can showcase a diverse show of castles: some have been preserved with extreme care, while others are merely ruins.

Luckily, castles are everywhere in Ireland — no matter what area you travel to, you’ll be able to find one. Read up on the dramatic history of the Dublin Castle and go on a group tour. Travel far north to Donegal to a Viking stronghold and you can go on a private guided tour of the Donegal Castle. South? Blarney Castle in County Cork. There are innumerable castle tours in Ireland.


A good chauffeur tour in Ireland will undoubtedly take you to some of the free museums available to the public. As an incentive to promote traditional Irish culture to the new generation, many Irish museums are free, especially in Dublin. Art museums highlight different eras and their effects on Dublin, though even the sidewalks pay homage to the land’s turbulent past. Georgian architecture lines the streets while the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square boasts pieces reaching as far back to the Victorian Period.

With so many tour options, it’s impossible not to find summer reprieve in Ireland.