Five Must See Places Your First Time in Ireland

Ireland is a magnificent island made up of 32,595 sq miles and over 3,000 miles of pristine breathtaking coastline. While not the largest island nation, Ireland is still packed with historic and cultural sites that make visiting feel like a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re planning on visiting this amazing country, here are the top four places for must-see tours in Ireland.

1. The Cliffs of Moher

When it comes to picking the best Ireland group tours, most people think of historic castle tours and not much else. However, the Cliff of Moher is a must-see when visiting the island for the first time. These towering cliffs must be seen in person to truly appreciate their majesty as no photograph can ever do them justice. These cliffs rank as Ireland’s number one most visited natural attraction, with over a million people coming to see them each year. Stretching for eight kilometers along the coast and rising 214 meters, once you stand at the precipice and look out over the vast Atlantic, you’ll wonder why you didn’t venture there sooner.

2. Powerscourt House and Gardens

Another incredible place to consider when looking at Ireland group tours is the County Wicklow just 20 kilometers from bustling Dublin, this estate boasts incredible views of the grounds and Sugarloaf Mountain, as well as a fascinating history that you can learn about as you’re guided through the home and gardens. With more than 200 types of trees, flowers, and shrubs on display, the immaculate garden took 150 years to design and create, with the ending result being a serene harmonious blend that enhances and complements the natural surrounding landscape. If you need additional reasons to visit, this site also hosts design and craft shops as well as a cafe and restaurant that is sure to make your tour a day to remember.

3. The Rock of Cashel

This historic site is a must include when planning Ireland group tours. Situated atop a limestone formation in the Golden Vale, this incredible Medieval site includes the Romanesque chapel, a round tower constructed in the 12th century, a 13th-century gothic cathedral, and a 15th-century castle. Visited by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain in 2011 during her official country tour, everyday tourists can experience entertaining shows and exhibitions that help explain the rich history of this cultural site.

4. The Aran Islands

Brought into the spotlight by the fictional documentary Man of Aran in 1934, the Aran Islands have quickly become a popular tourist site that you shouldn’t risk passing up. If you want a taste of old Ireland, this is the place to go. With only 12,000 inhabitants and Gaelic as their primary language, these islands make visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time. Truly these islands are an experience unlike any other. The local culture is different than that of the mainland but offers the change to see and experience the Irish culture in a way few people ever do.

5. Blarney Castle

No first time Ireland tour would be complete without a visit to Castle Blarney and the Blarney Stone. Said to give all those who kiss it eloquence in speech — granted you lean over the parapets to do so — this is possibly the most well known Irish site, and something you have to experience at least once.

If you’re looking into Ireland group tours, these are five must-see places. While the island is full of incredible sites, once you’ve experienced these, it will only be a matter of time before you come back to experience all the others!