Exploring the Best Destinations to Check Out in Ireland This Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, making it the perfect time of year to take an international vacation. Ireland is 32,595 square miles and has over 3,000 miles of coastline, giving tourists countless options and ways to personalize their visit with a specific destination. But if you’re struggling to choose a destination because they all look so incredible, we’re here to help. Here are just a few of the best destinations in Ireland to visit this fall.

Ballincollig Regional Park, Cork

This is a destination that’s great for historians. That being said, it’s a bit of a venture getting there, so bring your hiking boots along for the excursion. But once you get there, there’s a modern touch, ensuring festive fun and spectacular views for the whole family:

“A walk with a bit of a pep in its step — this site was where gun powder was once manufactured back in the 18th century. Check out the now-defunct mills complex where it was made and take in woodland. There’s also a skatepark if you felt like taking up a new sport,” writes TheJournal.ie.

Tibradden Wood, Dublin

Ireland’s largest city is Dublin with 495,781 residents. You may not think this fairy tale-like destination would be so close to the largest city in the Isle, but it’s right on the outskirts, making it the most accessible nature walk on this list. Check it out during your fall trip!

Bray Head Cliff Walk, Wicklow

Finally, this scenic walk takes you along the coastline that connects Bray and Greystones. Both locales feature a plethora of unique and authentic restaurants to choose from, and chances are, you’ll be ready for a meal after your coastal walk.

These destinations are sure to provide you with a one of a kind scenic view any time of year, but they’re particularly picturesque during the fall season. Regardless of the time of your visit, make sure to check out some of the vacation packages available. Catholicism remains the dominant religion in Ireland at 84%, and there are countless luxury custom tours that provide incredible views of Irish castles and churches. For more information about luxury custom tours of Ireland, contact Hammond Tours.