Dub’s Castles and Pubs: How to do a Chauffeur Tour in Ireland

With stunning rolling green hills and jaw-dropping coastlines, Ireland has a long history of capturing the imagination and inspiring intrigue. Exploring all this lush land has to offer can be a daunting task. Ireland is 174 miles wide and 302 miles long, so knowing where to start and what to see can be a challenge. However, with a chauffeur tour in Ireland, the guess work is eliminated so you can focus on fun and discovery. The choices for luxury tours in Ireland vary nearly as much as the robust flora and fauna. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you plan the ideal chauffeur tour in Ireland.

Hit the Right Number of Spots

Whether you’re leaning towards private guided tours or Ireland group tours, you’re going to want to make sure you set the right pace. If you want to go all out and save the rest and relaxation for after the tour is done, you may want to visit as many hot spots as you can. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a more relaxing, laid back experience, you may choose a tour that includes two or three nights at each destination. Opting for a more laid back pace also affords you the freedom to explore each location more thoroughly. On the other hand, with a faster paced tour, you get to taste much more of the exquisite buffet Ireland has to offer.

Check Out the Castles

A chauffeur tour in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without at least one stop at a castle. However, one may not be enough. You can select a tour package that features several castles in a row. This will expose you to the unique history of each of the castles, which are worlds unto themselves. Whether you are at Ashford Castle, Waterford Castle, or Dromoland Castle, the adventure back in time will be as memorable as the history of Ireland itself.

Let’s Not Forget the Pubs

If there is anything more iconic in the Irish cultural landscape than castles, it has to be the pubs. With robust Irish brews, knowledgeable bartenders and friendly local residents, the Irish pub scene offers an unforgettable journey. Sit back with a crisp, cold mug and sway to the live music–or join in the festivities and sing along. Complete with all of the classic Irish ales, stouts, beers and spirits, the only thing better than the food and drink is the people you get to share it with.

Regardless of which delicacies you choose to sample from the rich menu of all this country has to offer, a chauffeur tour in Ireland is the best way to taste it all. Decide how much you want to see, and how quickly you want to see it. Then be sure to get at least a castle or two in the mix. And when each day is done–or as it begins–waltz on over into a pub or two for beverages as refreshing as Ireland’s landscape and as memorable as its history.