Don’t Taint Your Tours With Poor Planning, Here’s How To Prepare The Right Way

There’s no better way to explore a new country than by guided tours. Ireland and Scotland are both loaded with castles begging to be toured, rich histories waiting to be explored, and beautiful vistas screaming to be soaked in. However, without a proper guide, it’s easy to miss out on many exciting destinations.


You’re already here reading, so you know this is true and perhaps you’ve had your eye on selecting some castle tours while traveling. Many people purchase vacation packages that include private guided tours. Then when the day comes, they’re ill-prepared for the journeys, leaving a sour taste on an experience that should be nothing but wonderful.


Remember these preparation tips before embarking on your respective tours.


Plan for a long day


Ireland is big, spanning 174 miles at its widest point and 302 miles at its longest point. Many tours go to multiple castles in one day. You should plan to be moving around and on your feet for a while during a tour. Make sure to have proper footwear, bring a water bottle, some currency for shops, and maybe some light snacks.


Dress for the weather


Remember where you are going geographically. Ireland is a beautiful place, though it’s certainly prone to rainy weather and cooler temperatures. The last thing you want to be is cold and wet while trying to enjoy several hours of castle tours. Check the weather ahead of time and make sure to bring some just in case gear for if the weather takes a turn.


The world is in front of you, just look at it


This is a tough one because we know people love to document their travels with pictures, videos, and the like. However, there comes a time when it’s overdone and people are spending more time documenting tours rather than being present themselves. Make time to take pictures and videos, but remember to look with your eyes and soak in an authentic experience. Also, pay attention to when you are and are not permitted to use cameras, phones, etc. and be respectful to the wishes of the places you’re touring.


Preparing for tours doesn’t take exhaustive planning. Just plan to make yourself comfortable for a long day of seeing wonders in every nook and cranny. Beyond that, listen, learn, look, and you’ll emerge all the better from an eye-opening tour experience.