4 Facts About Ireland You Should Know Before You Visit

Ireland is one country you have to visit. Rich in culture, history, and great food, Ireland has so much to offer. And if you book one of the Ireland group tours, there is going to be a lot you’ll want to see, especially seeing as how at its widest, Ireland is about 174 miles wide. But before you start looking into Ireland vacation packages, here are a few fun facts you should know about the country.

Irish immigrants brought Halloween to the United States. The spooky annual holiday actually has Irish roots — it began as the Gaelic festival of Samhain. This harvest festival was celebrated every 31st of October to celebrate the end of summer. And if you visit during Halloween, you’ll be able to celebrate the oldest and largest Halloween celebration in the country, which is Londonderry’s Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival.

Most people in Ireland are Catholic. While the United States is full of people who practice a wide variety of religions, Ireland is mainly Catholic. In fact, over 80% of Irish citizens are Roman Catholic. Ireland as a whole has one of the largest populations of people who attend church as well. And if you book one of the Celtic tours, you’ll get to see some of the large, beautiful churches the country has to offer.

Ireland’s national symbol is not a shamrock. Contrary to popular belief, the national symbol of Ireland is actually a harp. In 1922, when Ireland separated from the United Kingdom, the country started using a harp as their symbol. The infamous harp is now used on coins and is even part of the Guinness logo.

The country has established many trade partners. Over the years, Ireland, like many other countries, has built partnerships based on trade. The U.S. alone accounts for about 20% of the country’s exports. Their main exports include products like beef, lamb, potatoes, pharmaceuticals, machinery, and certain metals. These trade partnerships have helped keep the country’s economy strong throughout the years.

Ireland is a truly amazing place to visit. So if these facts sparked your interest and you’re not only looking to learn more about the country, but visit it for yourself, look into Ireland group tours for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.