4 Captivating Reasons to Visit Scotland This Fall Season

Scotland is a gorgeous country that has plenty to offer for all those who live in and visit the nation. Ireland is the third biggest island in the European continent, and Scotland is slightly larger than Ireland, so you have even more land to explore. Here are just some of the many compelling reasons you should go on a tour in Scotland this fall season.

The wildlife

The fall is one of the best times for Scotland vacation packages if you’re interested in seeing the wildlife of this beautiful country. There is a rich and varied wildlife, and you can experience a real sense of change across the natural environment when the seasons change. Some common creatures you might see on your tour in Scotland are the red deer, grey seals, barnacle geese, swans, and even the salmon jumping upstream.

Fall foliage

Another beautiful sight you can lay your eyes on during your tour in Scotland is the amazing fall foliage. There are tons of evergreen trees on the plains of the country that create a gorgeous backdrop for the golden hues of the trees changing color in early autumn. They are in their full glory by the end of September and continue all the way through the end of October. More than one-fifth of Scotland is covered in trees, so you’ll have plenty of foliage to look at.

Seasonal produce

The wildlife and the trees aren’t the only great things about autumn in Scotland. Scotland has some amazing local produce that only comes out in the fall. Delicious treats like apples, pears, plums, and damsons are at their best during the fall, and they make wonderful jams and desserts. Lamb is also at its most succulent during the autumn season.

No bugs

If you’ve ever been to Scotland in the spring and summer, then you know how prevalent a certain species of bugs known as midges are. They are flying pests that are typically prevalent in the peak summer months in Scotland. Luckily, when you go in the fall, you don’t have to worry about midges when you’re exploring the wilderness.

If you’re ready for a gorgeous autumn tour in Scotland, then contact us today. We can help you start planning your dream vacation to this beautiful country during one of the best seasons of the year.