3 Places You Need to Visit During a European Vacation

You’re going to Europe! How exciting. There is so much to do and so much to see, whether you’re in England, Scotland, or Ireland, you will have an amazing time. Sometimes, the best place to go in a new country is the biggest city they have. Ireland’s largest city is Dublin, holding 495,781 residents. England’s largest city is London, holding 9,750,000 people. Finally, Scotland’s largest city is Glasgow, holding 599,650 citizens.

When you travel to Europe, your best option in terms of vacation packages is to book luxury tours with Hammond Tours. These are the best tours of England, Scotland, and Ireland. These tours take you to many beautiful cities and sites throughout there respective countries that give you the experience of a lifetime. The England tour, specifically, is magical.

London is your first stop on the England tour, and you get to stay at The Rubens at the Palace, which is a luxury hotel built for royalty. There are amazing accommodations that provides modern technology and comfort, along with appeal and charm from the bygone age. You will get to see Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and many more on the first day of your tour.

Cotswolds and Stratford
The on second day of one of the best tours of England, you still be visiting Stratford, Cotswolds, and Oxford. There are many colleges and universities that you will be able to visit during your time at Oxford. Museums, churches, gardens, and palaces across England’s beautiful terrain will be on your agenda for the day. You will get to experience all the rich history this country has to offer.

Lake District
The gorgeous lake district and countryside are what you will see next on your tour of England. The scenery is breathtaking with mountains and lakes in your sights. Yachts and farms are also on the agenda for the Lake District leg of the tour that you will love.

When you plan your vacation to Europe, you simply should book a tour with Hammond Tours. They bring you to the best parts of England, Ireland, and Scotland. These sights are some that you may never be able to explore on your own. For all your European vacation needs, contact us today.