3 Historically Significant Places to Visit in Ireland

A long, rich, and fascinating history fills every gorgeous inch of Ireland. From ancient traditions and folklore to stunning displays of art and architecture, the iconic locations of Ireland’s history are spread across the island. These castles, churches, and remnants of ancient cultures draw the attention and adoration of history buffs from across the world. Next time you plan your dream vacation, consider some of these historically significant places to visit in Ireland.

Reginald’s Tower

Located in Waterford’s quay, Reginald’s Tower is the oldest complete building in Ireland. In the 13th century, this tower was the cornerstone of the city’s defense system. Since then, it’s served many different purposes, including an arsenal, a prison, and a mint. Today it stands as a reminder of and tribute to the city’s medieval urban defense system.

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle as we know it was built in 1446. However, the original castle—standing in the same spot until its destruction, which prompted the building of the current structure—dates back to 1200 BCE. It served as a medieval stronghold near the River Martin. Both the castle and the Blarney Stone within serve as popular attractions for visitors from across the globe. Many different legends and traditions surround this location, but the most popular one surrounds the Blarney Stone. This block of bluestone sits within the battlements of the castle. Legend says that kissing the stone grants you the gift of gab—the ability to speak cleverly and eloquently. Whether it’s true or not, there’s no denying that this location is one of the most fascinating and historically significant places to visit in Ireland.

Christ Church Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Christ Church Cathedral has been standing in Dublin since 1030 CE. Officially speaking, it’s the seat of both the Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic archbishops of Dublin. However, in practice it has belonged solely to the Church of Ireland’s archbishop of Dublin since the English Reformation. It’s seen many historical events and figures throughout its history—including the famous archbishop and patron saint of Dublin, Laurence O’Toole.

Any of these destinations are a perfect stop on your trip to Ireland. If you’re curious about what else this island has to offer, check out our luxury Ireland tours and find your dream vacation today.