3 Culinary Creations You Can Only Find in Scotland

Population estimates have been made for Ireland since the time of Sir William Petty over 300 years ago in 1672 when the population was put at 1,100,000 and 1804 when it was estimated at 5,395,436. As a nearby country, Scotland offers a wide variety of scenery and culture as well. One major appeal to considering Scotland vacation packages is being able to experience the wide variety of cultural cuisine available daily. Here are just a few culinary creations to try next time you’re visiting Scotland.

Scottish Salmon
Scottish salmon is such a popular delicacy that it’s available in many major supermarkets around the world. Of course, it’s at its freshest and most flavorful when it’s caught and served straight from Scotland.

“Scotland is a prime breeding ground for salmon, with water that is as fresh as can be. Scottish salmon is celebrated globally for its terrific taste and perfect texture. Make sure to appreciate the greatness while in the heart of Scotland and experience it for yourself,” writes Tori Chalmers on The Culture Trip.

Porridge is a hearty dish made from oats. It’s like the underappreciated cousin of oatmeal. Scotland is famous for its porridge, and whether you’re getting it from a restaurant or straight from a box at the grocery store, Scottish porridge is a dish that everyone should try when they’re there. Be aware that Scottish porridge is made with salt instead of sugar, making it much more savory than other varieties. On top of that, it’s incredibly thick and rich, making for the heartiest of meals. Dig in!

Scottish Tablet
If you need a dessert after trying all these types of Scottish cuisine, satisfy your sweet tooth with some Scottish tablet, a confection made with sugar, butter, and condensed milk. The combination is cooked together, allowing the flavors of the ingredients to blend and melt into each other. This delicacy is made in various locations around Scotland, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.

Ultimately, looking at Scotland vacation packages and booking your trip is worth it just to experience these delectable foods. For more information about taking a tour in Scotland, contact Hammond Tours.