3 Can’t-Miss Historic Cities You Must Visit In Ireland

Ireland is a nation with a rich, often troubled history. To make the most out of your beautiful, all inclusive Ireland tours, you need to know what areas have the richest history.

While it might seem like a bit of a history lesson, learning about a nation’s past will make your Celtic tour all the more memorable. Here are some of the top historic destinations to visit while you opt for castle vacations in Ireland.


Dublin is one of the major cities in Ireland. Rich with beautiful castles and countless churches, Dublin pays homage to its Catholic population with gorgeous, well-maintained architecture.

From the centuries-old Trinity College in Dublin to the Temple Bar district across the river Liffey, Dublin is jam-packed with scenic battle destinations, historical landmarks, castles, and free museums dedicated to memorializing the city’s rich history.


Take a trip to Northern Ireland and you can witness one of the longest-standing strongholds of English forces. Londonderry is the best-preserved walled towns left standing today. According to National Geographic, Derry serves as one of the best examples of the old walled cities that spanned Europe in the 1600s.

Well-known, fraught events are also memorialized, including the 1969 Battle of Bogside and Bloody Sunday in 1972.


County Sligo houses the titular city of Sligo, a small area rich with literary history. Modern Sligo also has an intricate traffic system that wasn’t intended for cars, making it a romantic destination in the Irish countryside. Home to the acclaimed poet, W.B. Yeats, many areas within Sligo are mentioned in his countless poems. He went on to become a legendary figure and nationalistic symbol of Ireland as he brought Sligo and the beauty of Ireland to prominence.

Sligo is also a historic destination for the potato famine, where nearly the entire population fell in the 1800s. Now, there are over 4.5 million people living throughout Ireland.

With these destinations, you have a mix of culture, art, and history. When you choose to go on castle vacations in Ireland, the best tours of Ireland will take you to some of these beautiful destinations. Visit Hammond Tours online today to book one of the beautiful Irish castle tours for next vacation.