Here Are 2 Tips Everybody Should Know Before Visiting Ireland

Ireland is known for its unique culture and one-of-a-kind architecture, making it the perfect getaway for a variety of occasions. But before you visit the Emerald Isle, it’s important to understand how these cultural differences may affect the logistics of your trip. Whether you found your tickets by browsing Ireland vacation packages online, or you’ve found another way to reach your lucky destination, having a game plan and sticking to it is critical in order to make the most of your time. Here are just a few essential travel tips that everybody should know before visiting Ireland.

Beware of Currency Differences

First, you should know that Ireland is separated into two different countries. This means that if you’re traveling across the border, you’ll need to remember that Northern Ireland uses the pound sterling, not the Euro. However, international bank cards will work without any problems in ATMs and chip and pin terminals on both sides, so this shouldn’t be a huge deal — unless you’re planning to do some shopping, that is. Grocery shopping bills in Northern Ireland are about 15% cheaper than those in the Republic. Of course, Ireland’s GDP was 45,835.75 in 2012 (ranked 15th in the world), making there plenty of opportunities to stop, do some shopping, and soak up the Irish culture.

Don’t Neglect Transportation

Many Ireland vacation packages offer luxury custom tours that provide the best of the architectural buildings and landscape sights in the entire country. However, many pros still recommend renting a small car in order to ensure easy and prompt transportation. But remember that people in Ireland drive on the left side of the road and pass on the right, which is the opposite of what we do here in the United States. Keep this in mind before committing to any type of transportation plan. If you’re not comfortable driving, there are plenty of other options.

Ultimately, being aware of these travel tips can help you make the most of your time in a new country as exciting as Ireland. For more information about Ireland vacation packages, contact Hammond Tours.